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Stronger is one of Sweden's leading activewear brands with vibrant workout clothes for women. I was hired as a content creator to manage their CRM department. I built out their first automated marketing emails and continued to design and implement engaging weekly newsletters.

As a project leader, I managed collaborations for their loyalty program and created visuals and campaigns, resulting in the exponential growth of the members club to a 10,000-strong community.  Across a span of 2.5 years, I designed and crafted over 350 emails and increased their email subscribers list by +854%.



I planned, designed, and executed more than 350 email campaigns to introduce new collections, run promotions, and engage their audience, which was a key component of their increased growth.


Number of subscribers

Strongers subscriber base grew by 854% during my time as a content creator and CRM specialist. While lead generation campaigns grew the list, compelling content grew their community.

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Email animations

I crafted over 200 GIFs for email campaigns and promotion. Each was thoughtfully designed to align with their brand identity and campaign themes to capture "stronger moments"

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